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SimilarWebsites.net is a related content engine, displaying a list of related sites for any site that a user submits. Based on the same technology, our free browser add-on SimilarWebsites.net displays sites and articles related to the sites a user is browsing.

Discover Instead of Search

We believe that typing queries into search engines isn’t for everyone. Getting satisfactory results can be daunting, since the output is dependent on the searcher’s skill and experience. By using SimilarWeb or SimilarWebsites.net, surfers start from sites they know and work their way out from there. This makes it much simpler to discover other interesting and relevant sites, all related to the surfer’s current intent.

Learning from Our Users

Our similar sites technology combines sophisticated algorithms and user input to achieve the best results for each surfer’s current mindset.

SimilarWebsites.nettakes past user opinions into account when sorting relevant sites. Each search result has “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons, letting users help us determine a site’s relatedness. As more users search and submit feedback, the results get increasingly accurate.

Our Sites

For more information about the SimilarWeb Firefox add-on, check out the homepage at SimilarWebsites.net.

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